a little bit about interior design….

I’m guessing that our house was once inhabited by giants.  I know this because every single preexisting nail hammered into our walls is located about one foot from the 10 foot high ceiling.  Not that I have a problem with giants or anything, but it creates a few small problems when I hang a picture from said nails/hooks.  I have to 1.  Climb on something to reach up that high… then 2.  Crank my neck all the way back to see my “handy-work”, although how handy you have to be in order to hang a picture is debatable.

Through my extensive education in domestic design, obtained by having the television permanently tuned into HGTV, I know that wall hangings are supposed to hang at the average person’s eye level and since all the pictures in this house were hung at 9 feet up, I have to right to assume that they were giants.  This also explains why the place is falling apart.  The plumbing is all jacked up because they couldn’t fit their huge, giant heads under the sink to see the problem.  Everything else that is falling apart, I’m chalking up to the idea that people with glandular problems, like giants for instance, find that normal activity can sometimes prove to be very arduous because, well, it takes a lot of energy to be huge, so they couldn’t do the normal home maintenance that most home owners do.  I have been trying my damnedest to keep in that honorable tradition of not doing anything around here because there is a rich heritage in being lazy, but this week I realized that I someday might want to get out of this slum, so I better make it presentable for sale.  😉  (anyone have a problem with run on sentences can bite it….)

Anyway… I was re-arranging the living room and needed to move a painting since it wasn’t centered over the couch.  Actually, it hadn’t been centered since we moved in but I was too lazy to hammer in another nail, so it hung 9 feet up, over the end-table, obscured by a lamp.  I’m having second thoughts about moving it now though because now I can SEE the damn thing AND it’s at eye level so I ALWAYS have to see it…. Maybe they people who lived here before weren’t giants after all… maybe they just had really ugly paintings…

9/13/2007 1:29:00 PM

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