The Secret… book review

*sigh* Ok, has anyone out there read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne?  My mom got it for me for Christmas and I was pretty excited to delve into the “secret to a happy life”.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone… so if you plan to read this, you should definitely avoid my comments here and read it with an unpolluted mind and make your own decision to how you feel about the, um… information.. presented.

Last chance…

Ok, I think it’s probably a bunch of crap.  Now, I’m a self proclaimed pessimist and I can’t really say that there have been many times in my life where I felt that I deserved the blessings that I have been given.  Perhaps that’s the Catholic in me, thinking that I’m worthless and unworthy of everything, but I heard God likes that.  Anyway, the book tells you that you are like a giant radio tower that transmits your thoughts to the “universe” so if you think only positive thoughts only positive things will come your way.  I find this to be incredibly troubling since I am, as I said, paranoid and think a LOT about all the bad things that can happen to me and my family.  If I listen to the book, it tells me that by thinking of these things it will cause them to happen!  Being a mother, I think too much about all the dangers of the world that could befall on my children.  I’d hate to think if anything happened to them, it’s my fault for even thinking/worrying about such things.

It says if I’m fat, it’s because I think “fat thoughts”.  It’s not the food that makes me fat; it’s the thoughts about fat that puts on the pounds.  I’m pretty sure it’s the food.  So, by their logic, if I ate nothing and thought fat thoughts I’d still be fat???

It also said that everything bad that has happened to you is because you have transmitted negative thoughts to the “universe” and it brought these things to you.  If you were in an accident, it was your own fault because you were thinking bad thoughts and the universe answered accordingly by trying to kill you.

Be careful, it teaches, to not think thoughts that contain what you don’t want.  For instance, if you don’t want to trip, don’t think “I don’t want to trip” because you WILL trip.  Don’t think, “I don’t want to get stung by a bee” because the bee will sting you.  It’s EXHAUSTING trying not to think a negative thought.  If you think a negative thought, it will cancel out your positive thought!  I’m fucking scared to think anything because this big ole universe is going to make me do everything I don’t want to do because I think about it.  The book is driving me mad.

Now I’m all for the power of positive thinking.  I think gratitude WILL bring more good things into your life… BUT the way this friggin’ book is written it makes me think it’s written for complete fucking loonies that, as my mother said, “Will strap their foil hats on their heads and wait for a sign from the universe”.

Another thing that bothers me about this book is that it has me asking for things from this all knowing universe when I was perfectly content asking for things from God.  I didn’t have to worry about God misunderstanding what I wanted.  When I asked God to “not let the bee sting me” I could feel confident that the entire hive wouldn’t attack me, you know?  I like being grateful to God for the blessings in my life.  I like it when God surprises me and blesses me with a beautiful family, a comfortable home and a sparkly diamond ring on my finger (oh, I thank Hank for that, too, don’t cha know… hah).

I’ve tried the theories in this book, the whole “acting as if the desired outcome has already happened” thing.  I don’t know… to me it just seems like waiting for a coincidence to make me believe in the book.  If I asked for a dollar and 3 days later I found a dollar in my pocket I didn’t know about, sure as shit, I’d be at that book’s beck and call.  But since the thing I asked for was something good in the mail and what was delivered was a rejection letter (it’s inconsequential what kind), it makes me severely doubt the power of this bullshit.  I’m still trying to think positively, but my life was wonderful before this whole “secret” nonsense.  I pray to God it continues down that avenue.

I know the whole The Secret hype has pretty well blown over since it came out forever ago, but I just got it and haven’t read any reviews on it yet.  If anyone wants to borrow the book, let me know and you are welcome to it.  If you find it works, and you “think yourself” all rich and famous, tell Oprah I say hi, k?

1/10/2008 5:37:00 PM


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