Romie’s my homie…

So parenthood is great.  The baby is awesome and my new best friend.  As far as I go, however, I have been scotch taping myself back together since giving birth and I’m not too sure how well I’m pulling it off.  I have to wear these fun little plastic cups in my bra to keep […]

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He’s Heeeerrrreeeee!!!!!!

I probably have only a few minutes… ack.. make that seconds (he stirs) before he summons me for the next feeding, but that’s okay because I have nothing to bitch about.  Well, with the exception of all my girly bits hurting like all get out, but that’s a given, I suppose. Roman Enrique Dane Ortega […]

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Happy stupid due date, everyone!

All those years I spent praying for a clear complexion and a skinny body I should have spent praying for an on time delivery for my second child.  This is driving me mad here.  Had contractions yesterday, got myself all excited for the onset of labor… and today… NUFFIN.  No cramps, not contractions… nada.  I […]

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Things I will miss…

I’m scared that once this pregnancy is over there are a few benefits I will lose.  The first and formost thing that I’ll miss is that I won’t have an excuse to eat whatever in the sam hell I want to.  Craving an entire loaf of zucchini bread?  Why not have 2?  The baby NEEDS […]

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